Fleet cards are a better way for your business to pay for fuel. They come with a lot of extra features like increased security, better control over what you spend, and automatic fuel expense tracking.

Sheetz fleet cards offer all of this, plus discounts up to 6¢ per gallon whenever you fill up at Sheetz.

Let’s look at it in terms of your business.

Do your employees already fill up at Sheetz, or can you consolidate fueling at our 700+ locations? If so, you can save quite a bit of money. For example, if your business purchases 5,000 gallons per month at Sheetz, you’d save $2,400 per year (with a discount of 4¢/gal). If you purchase 10,000 gallons per month, you’d save $6,000 per year (discount: 5¢/gal). If 20,000 gallons per month, you’d save $14,400 (discount: 6¢/gal). It adds up fast.

Need to fuel at other locations,too? No problem. We have a card for that, and you’ll still save whenever you fill up at Sheetz.

Concerned you might be buying a little more than fuel for company vehicles? When your employees pay with a Sheetz fleet card, they have to enter their unique PIN before any purchase is authorized. That means if a card is lost or stolen, it’s a lot harder for someone to use it. It also means that every transaction is tracked in your online account, and you always know who spends what, where and when. This makes it easier to spot unauthorized activity, like fuel purchased for personal use. You can even see what fuel grades are purchased — if someone’s putting premium fuel in a vehicle that only needs regular, you can stop it and start saving the difference.

Unlike cash or a regular company credit card, Sheetz fleet cards let you decide how employees are able to use it. Limit to fuel-only purchases, or let employees use it in the convenience store, too. Limit fueling to certain times of day, like business hours — or certain days of the week, like weekdays. It’s up to you, and whatever works best for your business. It’s easy to control in your online fleet card account.

Tired of managing fuel expenses on your own, and chasing down lost fuel receipts? Sheetz fleet cards do the fuel accounting automatically — every purchase, gallon, and discount. We’ll even do the paperwork, with access to easy, one-click reports you can download or import into your accounting software. You can even access your account with our mobile app, when you’re not at your desk (which, if you’re like a lot of business owners we know, is just about every day).

A fleet card helps you run your business smarter. It’s brains and brawn. By helping you control spending across your fleet, you can keep your money and time where you need it most — in your business.